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Amethyst Healing Properties - What are its Meaning and Uses?

Amethyst Healing Properties - What are its Meaning and Uses?

Amethyst has been fancied because of its bright purple color for centuries. Its glassy luster makes it even more attractive. Technically speaking, Amethyst is purple colored quartz, and there's a deep meaning behind the name of this crystal. Amethyst signifies wisdom, calmness, and, last but not the least, spiritual healing. Humans have known amethyst since 25000 BC. 

The Amethyst name has Greek origins. It has come from the word, Amethystos. It was popular among many ancient civilizations. It includes the Greeks, Egyptians, and Roman civilizations. You see, they, too, believed in the healing powers of Amethyst. 


Spiritual Healing Properties of Amethyst 

Amethyst is indeed a gorgeous stone. But that's not the only quality of Amethyst that has made it famous. Amethyst is thought to be a bridge between the material world and the spiritual realm. It is also well-known that the Amethyst is associated with the third eye and crown chakra. Thus, it enables one to harness their intuitive powers. 


Kindles Your Third Eye 

Do you want to harness your intuitive powers? Everyone has intuitive powers in themselves, and they only have to figure out a way to harness them. With Amethyst, you can harness the powers of your sixth sense as it helps awaken the third eye of a person. There's an ancient belief in eastern civilizations that the third eye is the core of spirituality in a human body. It is also a gateway to the world of spiritual enlightenment.

The Indigo color is believed to be associated with the third eye chakra, which links the third eye chakra with Amethyst's purple color. The blockage of the third eye chakra makes one depressed and anxious. They feel as if their soul is weighed down by cynicism. Amethyst unlocks the third eye chakra and thus, in turn, leads to the awakening of one's intuitive powers. It also returns the missing spark of energy and happiness in one's life. 


Aligns Your Crown Chakra and Makes you Feel Connected With the Cosmos

There is an intrinsic connection between the crown chakra and Amethyst. Sacred energy flows through a human body, and the crown chakra is its center. The crown chakra is also the connecting bridge, because of which one feels a connection to the vast cosmos. It's also the epicenter of human consciousness. Blocked crown chakra makes a person feel discontent and disconnected from the outside world.

A person with blocked crown chakra may also feel egoistic. Their ego comes in a way, a bit too much. Amethyst helps one unblock their crown chakra. It makes a person feel confident in their own abilities without feeling like an egoist. 


Counters Negative Energies 

There's a long history of Amethyst being used in amulets as it counteracts the external negative energies. It can also act as a protective barrier against physical attacks and protect one from misfortune. Are you worried about being emotionally manipulated? Perhaps, you fear that someone may cast black magic on you? Amethyst will protect you against both.


Uses of Amethyst Stone as a Jewelry 

Amethyst has a variety of uses. The most prevalent way of using Amethyst is using it as jewelry. Amethyst jewelry is a popular way of incorporating the spiritual and healing properties of Amethyst. The person who wears Amethyst jewelry will benefit from the full potential of their crown chakra and third-eye chakra. Amethyst keeps both the crown chakra and third-eye chakra inflow. 

You don't have to give up on your style quotient for wearing Amethyst crystal as it comes in many shapes and sizes. You will find a lot of variety when it comes to Amethyst jewelry. You can opt for Amethyst Bangles, Amethyst Pendants, and even Amethyst Bracelets. It will also prove to be an ideal investment as one can wear these accessories daily. 

Do you meditate? If yes, then Amethyst is a perfect choice as a meditation aid. If you wear Amethyst, your third-eye chakra and crown chakra will definitely open. It will help your body to absorb the universal powers to seep through your body and guide you. There's also a way for you to open your third-eye chakra and crown chakra, even if you aren't wearing any Amethyst jewelry. You can even hold an Amethyst amulet or even any piece of Amethyst in your left hand, and it will act as a meditation aid. 



Amethyst is perfect for anyone who desires to instill some spirituality in their lives through meditation or other relevant forms. It is stone with unmatched potential and powers. Amethyst is a stone that contains a lot of positive energy within it. It has a unique energy, unlike that of many other crystals. 

Many people have expressed that Amethyst helped them recognize their true self without entangling their emotions. It improved their emotional well-being. Amethyst helps people open up and not keep their emotions pent up within them. It aids in improving both the personal and professional lives of people who wear it. There are many such interesting lores about Amethyst. Hence, the deeper we go into it, the more inspiring it becomes for us. 

Even when Amethyst is one of the cheaper stones available in the market, Amethyst jewelry will add a touch of luxury to your fashion. At the same time, it will contribute greatly to your spiritual development and help you heal your emotional wounds if any. It will help you become the better version of yourself if you truly desire so. 

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