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What is Amber and What’s So Special About It?

What is Amber and What’s So Special About It?

In general parlance, amber is referred to as a gemstone. However, if we go by the exact scientific terms, amber is a fossilized resin. Ancient evergreen trees decomposed over millions of years to become the glowing, warm amber that we see today. While the young amber stones are less than 100,000 years old, the oldest amber dates back to more than 320 million years. Such old age gives amber the incredibly powerful, wise, old energy. 

As far as amber jewelry is concerned, people have been making it for the past 10,000 years. With traces of amber jewelry and accessories found in the civilizations of ancient Greece, China, and Northern Europe, some experts believe that amber could very well be the first gem and jewelry ever used by humans on this planet.

What Makes Amber So Special?

The gem experts see amber as a representative of the earth’s energy. One imagines it as an accumulator of earth’s natural wisdom. 

You will often see insects trapped inside the amber. It is indicative of the age-old wise energy that the amber has trapped inside it. The enthusiasts pay the highest price for ambers that have visible insect inclusions. People believe that such ambers contain magical properties. Among the insects, mosquitoes are the most popular inclusion. Scientists also show interest in plant inclusions, but that does not hold much value for jewelry enthusiasts. In general, ambers do not come in large sizes and, the use of good quality ambers is only meant for jewelry. 

The Stone of Sun

Ambers generally come in a wide variety of colors including yellow, brown, reddish, cream color, and orange. Rarely ambers also come in blue, green, and violet tinges. The most popular colors, however, are the warm ones: shades of yellow, orange, and sunny brown. These warm colors are the reason why amber is also known as the stone of the sun.

Over the years amber has become known and revered for many of its properties. Some ancient cultures believed that amber protects during long travels. Some believed it could cure jaundice. Its psychological influences help to balance emotions, eliminate fears, and dissolve negative energy. It also brings good fortune. Physiologically, amber helps to relieve headaches. At the same time, ambers are useful in clearing the mind and helping to develop patience and wisdom. Astrologically, amber is associated with the sign of Cancer. 

High-quality amber is sourced from the Baltic countries. The rare blue amber is sourced from the Dominican Republic. Developed European countries of England, Germany, Italy, and Poland also supply amber. Warm and transparent ambers are used in a wide variety of jewelry. Tumble polished amber beads are used as pendants, earrings, and rings. The opaque varieties are used to carve out artistic ornaments and showpieces. These opaque ambers also find usage in everyday materials such as pipe stems and umbrella hands. People often use burnt amber as incense and perfume.  

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