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The Meaning and Uses of Amazonite

The Meaning and Uses of Amazonite

Amazonite is a mineral rock. It has been revered for its use in jewelry, ornamental pieces, and as a surface to carve important text into since the time of Ancient Egyptians. In terms of its mineralogical composition, Amazonite crystals are a variety of potassium feldspar that belongs to the mineral class of Microcline. The triclinic crystal system of the Amazonite stone gives it a vitreous luster. In terms of color, Amazonite stones appear in at least four shades: blue amazonite, green amazonite, grey amazonite, and purple amazonite. Among its many uses, amazonite crystals are known for their quality of soothing anxiety and bring clarity to one's mind. Before delving deeper into the diverse types of use an amazonite gemstone can boast of, we will have a closer look at its history and its journey to gain the prominence that it claims today.

Amazonite Uses: The Early History

The history of the Amazonite rock dates back to as early as the 10th century BC. Many believe that it was popularly called Amazon Stone at that time since these stones were discovered in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil. The veracity of this claim is hard to sanctify today as geologists could not find any deposits of natural Amazonite in that area. However, there are varieties of Brazilian Amazonite still found elsewhere in the country along with other types of Amazonite sourced from the US states like Colorado and Virginia and countries like Australia and Madagascar.

According to legends, the ancient Amazon tribe warrior women used Amazonite stones to decorate their shields, as well as cure sickness and heal wounds. There are stories of people from the Amazon tribes giving out a special type of green stone to visitors. However, many accounts claim that those stones were Nephrite or jade stone rather than Amazonite.

There are also stories of Spanish conquistadors adorning themselves in Amazonite. Ancient Egyptians used amazonite rock slabs to carve out chapter seven of the Judgement of Osiris from the Book of the Dead. Even the tomb of Tutankhamun had a scarab ring and many other objects carved from a variety of green amazonite. 

The diverse tales of a possible Amazonite history is indicative of the diverse set of uses it found itself appropriate for. We would look at some of the most relevant and well-known use-categories in the coming segments.

Amazonite Healing Properties

The healing properties of Amazonite include healing both physically as well as mentally and emotionally. The amazonite healing crystals help to reduce problems relating to Thyroid. It also helps people who suffer from the chronic problem of Calcium deficiency. Amazonite acts as a positive agent helping the body to absorb calcium better. It also proves effective as a regenerative agent for our body cells, especially for people suffering from the aftermath of an illness or injury. The cooling touch of amazonite crystals overrash or acne affected skins helps the skin to recover and get back its vibrancy and smoothness.

The mental and emotional healing properties of Amazonite have always been discussed widely. Associated with the feminine gender traits, the use of Amazonite gemstone helps to drive away from the thoughts of self-neglect, self-destruction, and similar anxious dispositions. It also assists a person to disperse all negative energy build-ups and step forward with a reinvigorated sense of self-worth.

The amazonite chakra is known for its properties to help live a deeper life. Its well-established connections with the heart and throat chakra help bring authenticity to a person’s conduct, to stand strong on one’s convictions, and to associate oneself with the concept of universal love. 

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Amazonite connect it to the realms of money, luck, and success. Known as the gambler’s stone, the correct use of Amazonite is to promote fortune and good luck. Fatigue and trauma are often seen as factors that have a negative metaphysical impact. It deprives humans of positive energy. Amazonite is seen as a crystal that helps to harness that energy within. It is also believed to bestow the wearer with truth, honor, and integrity. 

Amazonite Magical Properties

Amazonite's magical properties often work wonders for wearers of the feminine gender. With a talisman of four lunar days, Amazonite crystal properties are at their peak on the fourth day after every new moon. The magical nature of Amazonite becomes more alive than ever on this particular day, and practitioners prefer to perform all their Amazonite-related rituals on this particular date. 

The magical properties of Amazonite crystal often reflect the strengthening of family ties and the strengthening of the interrelations between partners and friends and the parents and children. The correct use of Amazonite also helps to resolve domestic conflicts and usher in an atmosphere of peace and comfort. People who are in touch with the Amazonite gemstone also experience an increased sense of devotion and courage. 

Diverse Uses

Its benefits are multiple and diverse. Similar levels of diversity can be found in the use of Amazonite. One can wear it as necklaces and pendants. One can keep amazonite in the form of figurines and other sorts of decorative and ornamental items in their homes. Amazonite jewelry can also be worn in the form of earrings, bracelets, tie tacks, cufflinks or brooches. Turquoise Amazonite, aqua Amazonite, and several other varieties of polished amazonite go well with base-medium of silver or leather and in the formats of ribbons and chains for cool interesting designs. For even more wildly attractive designs, one can use amazonite with strands of coral beads or faceted mookaite. The combination of amazonite with moonstone also gives it a splendid classy appearance. 

Widely available in gemstone shops across the world, Amazonite is no less than a wonder in its use in healing, designing, and accentuating the overall persona of a human.

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