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Find if Your Chakras are Blocked and How to Unblock Them?

Find if Your Chakras are Blocked and How to Unblock Them?

Originated in India between 1,500 and 500 BC, the Chakra system is a word in the Sanskrit language that translates to wheel or disk. The body has seven such wheels along the spine, and each of them is conceived as a spiritual energy center. These wheels correspond to specific organs in a human’s body and influence both the physiological and psychological states of a human being. 

For the optimal realization of one’s potential, it is important to align one’s chakras in the right order, so that they are in perfect synergy with each other. However, oftentimes, one or more of our chakras may suffer a blockage. Sometimes they may spin too quickly, resulting in hypertension, nervousness, or a feeling of exhaustion. Other times, the chakras may spin slow. It results in feeling tired and drains one of the creative energy. It would be wrong to assume that all chakras create the same types of troubles when blocked. Blockage in different chakras manifests itself in different ways.

Blockage in Root Chakra

To find out whether your root chakra is blocked, you should look for the following signs:

You may feel stuck with your life with a sense of sluggishness and inflexibility within. You may get too much dependent on external circumstances that may result in stress. Emotionally you may not feel good about yourself, and life may appear chaotic, unsettled, unsafe, and insecure. Physical manifestations may include pain and stiffness in the feet or legs.

Blockage in Sacral Chakra

A blocked sacral chakra may make it difficult for you to get intimate, both sexually and emotionally. You may feel demoralized about your self-worth. Emotionally, you may feel either too overwhelmed or too shut off. A lack of imagination and creativity may start to devour you from the inside. Physiologically, you may experience problems with your lower back and hip. 

Blockage in Solar Plexus Chakra

Blockage in the solar plexus chakra manifests itself through a sense of powerlessness and victimhood. The inability to make commitments due to an overinflated ego or poor self-esteem is also one of the expressions of a blocked solar plexus chakra. Physical symptoms include issues with the digestive system and pain in the abdomens.

Blockage in Heart Chakra

A blocked heart chakra often comes with severe physical problems that include asthma, allergies, pain in the upper back or the chest, tight shoulders, or more than average flexible shoulders. Emotionally, it forces one to hold grudges, feel a lack of compassion, and an inability to receive love.

Blockage in Throat Chakra

A blocked throat chakra makes one fear speaking up or taking a stand for something. Some people may also feel inclined to repress their opinions and conform to the views of society. Physically, it manifests itself through a choked or sore throat, a pain in the jaw, or stiffness in the neck.

Blockage in Third-Eye Chakra

A blocked third-eye chakra results in spiritual blockages. People suffer from a lack of understanding about their purposes in life and what decisions they should make. The physical manifestations include headache.

Blockage in Crown Chakra

Senses of loneliness and aimlessness are the primary manifestations of a blocked crown chakra. Inability to comprehend points of view different from one’s own and excessive attachment to material achievements stems from a blocked crown chakra. Physical manifestations include migraines or tension headaches.

How To Unblock the Blocked Chakras?

One can unblock the chakras using a host of techniques. These techniques include chanting mantras, tapping one’s chakra points, going for Reiki treatments, or practicing yoga.

There are different mantras to unblock different chakras. In the Vedic scriptures, these mantras have been named Bija Mantras. These mantras are nothing but a single syllable uniquely corresponding to a specific chakra. One needs to elongate each syllable while chanting the. These mantra-syllables can also be replaced by vowel sounds.

Tapping is a unique physical technique that requires using one’s fingertips in a repetitive tapping motion on specific points of our body. The tapping should be done with the index fingerpads of one’s dominant hand. Each chakra should be tapped nine times, starting from the crown chakra at the top of our body to proceed downwards till the root chakra is reached.

Another time-tested way of unblocking chakras is applying the techniques of Reiki. There are well experienced Reiki masters who work with symbols and hand positions and channel Reiki energies to unblock one’s chakra. A host of other Reiki healing techniques also help to open up the energy flow and attune one’s body to increased receptivity. 

Yoga is probably the most popular chakra unblocking technique. Since the practice of yoga is more widespread than any other physical technique, it is easier to learn and find a mentor who can guide. There are different chakra yoga positions. 

The Muladhara chakra yoga positions help to connect with the root chakra. These yoga positions involve one’s spine, legs, feet, and large intestine. The second chakra yoga works on one’s pelvis. The third chakra or Manipura chakra yoga acts on the digestive system and strengthens one belly. The fourth chakra, or Anahata yoga, works on one’s heart and has its effect on resolving love and commitment issues. Finally, the fifth or Visuddha yoga works on the throat, neck to unblock the chakras. 

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