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All You Want to Know About Chakra Jewellery

All You Want to Know About Chakra Jewellery

Would you not be wondered if you got to know that a particular type of medieval-period jewelry from the orient is probably more popular across the globe and worn more frequently today? Well, that is how the Chakra jewelry, originating in India in the Middle Ages, has been having a resurgence worldwide.

The Basics of Chakra Jewellery

In the Sanskrit language, the wordchakra denotes the concept of the wheel of energy. Ancient Indian mystics conceptualized these chakras as the seven spinning disks, along the spine of a human, that has a direct connection with the human’s emotional and physical health. 

These are the chakras that regulate the flow of energy inside a human body. And, external vibes, both positive and negative, have their influence on these chakras. Consistently torn between the positive and the negative, these chakras often lose their balance. In such a situation, come seven gemstones of seven different colors that can bring back the balance in the wheels of energy. These seven gemstones are what the entire gamut ofchakrajewelry comprises.

The Seven Chakras and How They Help Us

Seven Chakras

  • The Root Chakra

    The corresponding color of this chakra is red. It is the base chakra of our bodies. Located at the base of our spinal cord, it connects our mind, body, and soul with the earth. The root chakra is conceived as a feminine entity. Giving a feeling of closeness and intimacy with the earth, the purpose of this chakra is to keep us grounded, humble, and interconnected with the earth’s energy.

  • The Sacral Chakra

  • The corresponding color of this chakra is orange. Located three inches below the navel, this chakra is responsible for the lymph-functions of our body and guides the way we express our emotions. The sacral chakra helps human to connect well with the internal sexual desires.

  • The Chakra of the Solar Plexus

  • The corresponding color of this chakra is yellow. Located just below the rib cage, the solar plexus chakra is in control of our ‘gut feeling’. It drives our levels of confidence, discipline, and wisdom. 

  • The Heart Chakra

  • The corresponding color of this chakra is green. As the name suggests, the heart chakra is located in the center of our chest and guides our feelings of love and compassion. Correcting the balance of this chakra is important in healing humans emotionally and improving their mental health.

  • The Throat Chakra

  • The corresponding color of this chakra is blue. Located above the heart, this chakra guides the way we voice our expressions and express our creativity. The right balance in the flow of energy through this chakra keeps us on the track of truth and makes us competent to share our opinions truthfully.

  • The Third Eye Chakra 

  • The corresponding color of this chakra is indigo. In ancient Indian philosophy, the concept of the third eye refers to the realm of the unseen, realizations that are beyond our every-day world of mundane wisdom.

    Activating this chakra motivates human to know their self deeply, going beyond the realm of materialistic possessions.

  • The Crown Chakra

  • The corresponding color of this chakra is violet. Like the crown placed above it all, the proper activation of this chakra takes us to the ultimate world of self-realization and, eventually, beyond the world of self-realization.  This chakra is responsible for connecting us with the almighty or the conscious energy as one might put it. Although the chakra implies nirvana, at a practical level, it is about being able for a human to control all the other chakras.

    The Seven Chakras in the Jewellery

    There are seven gemstones, representative of these seven chakras, in a piece of chakra jewelry. The seven gemstones can be put all into one pendant and be worn as a necklace, or one may wear a single-chakra pendant depending on the chakra she wants to address and the color it corresponds to. 

    • Clear Quartz: Helps to open our chakras. This clear and translucent stone strengthens us with emotional and physical stability, boosts our wisdom, and attracts love. 
    • Rose Quartz: If you’re suffering from emotional tumults, and a lack of trust, this is the chakra stone to go for. It calms one’s mind and helps to resolve all those issues arising out of anxiety, tension, stress, and fear.
    • Amethyst: Coming in the color violet, this chakra stone in your jewelry relieves you from losing focus. It provides clarity of mind. It improves one’s health. Most importantly, the amethyst chakra stone helps one to become free of addiction and addictive behavioral patterns.
    • Aventurine: This particular gemstone comes in a variety of color options including red, blue, yellow, peach, and green. Often referred to as the luck stone among the family of chakra jewelry, you can wear it if you are looking for true relationships, good fortunes, and new opportunities. Physiologically, it helps in heart ailments and enhances one’s self-esteem.
    • Citrine: Citrine comes in the color yellow. It helps us in ways more than one. It helps to regain our creative energy and spirits by giving us clarity of thought and clarity in vision. It invigorates our physical stamina by supporting our metabolism. Citrine is full of healing properties.
    • Carnelian: Suffering from a lack of confidence and self-esteem, one should wear Carnelian in their chakra necklace. It makes one proactive and motivates one to assert herself with clarity and conviction. It helps to overcome the fears that often stop us to express what we feel. Carnelian also helps in detoxicating from the habits of drug, alcohol, and other addictions.
    • Black Tourmaline: This is the ultimate chakra stone to have in your jewelry. It would protect you from all negative electromagnetic frequencies everywhere.

    So, what are you waiting for! Meet your inner self and try to identify the causes of suffering. Choose the right chakra stone. And, there starts your voyage towards self-healing and self-realization!

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