Feng Shui Pendentif

Discover our range of Feng Shui pendants composed of essential elements in the art of Feng Shui, such as Chinese parts of the Qing Dynasty and Shunzhi, endless Chinese knots, Wu Lou or Bagua ... Some of our pendants have received the blessing of Buddhist monks, which increases their positive effects.
Very common in the practice of Feng Shui and appearing in various forms, the Chinese pendant (also called talismans or amulets feng shui) is used as a gateway to happiness, and symbolize well-being, happiness or prosperity. They are intended to push back negative energies. Most are equipped with a red thread that represents the fire, powerful energy activator (Chi). The Gold (or yellow) color is a powerful color that refers to the Chinese emperor. Discover also our other Feng Shui objects, such as our Wu Lou gourds, Feng shui Luo Pan, and Chinese key doors.