Incense Bois de Oud

Natural incense range with Asian oud wood. Also known as agar wood, oud wood incense is recognized as the most elaborate and luxurious aromatherapy. This incense is usually burned during yoga, meditation or prayer, in order to increase and accentuate feelings of peace, tranquility, relaxation and to relieve anxiety and stress. Agar wood is also known for its aphrodisiac virtues. Our incense is made by craftsmen from 100% pure aquilaria wood resin (oud), and ripen for several years under natural conditions to enhance their scent. Natural incense: Our products contain no chemical or aromatic additives and are perfectly healthy. Smoke from natural incense is not irritating to the eyes and throat. Also check out our natural sandalwood incenseOurother items in raw oud,Our aquilaria infusion .