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Why Should You Wear Tibetan Bracelets? Five Reasons For it!

Why Should You Wear Tibetan Bracelets? Five Reasons For it!

Eastern culture has always been fascinating for the western world. In recent times, there has been an uptick in demand for accessories from the eastern part of the world. One of the most trending accessories is from Tibet. Yes, we are talking about Tibetan bracelets. Many Hollywood celebrities have been seen wearing them in recent times. It is also possible that you saw the Tibetan bracelets on the wrists of your friends and family members. 

Reasons for Which You Must Wear Tibetan Bracelets

#1. Holy Creation Process

The first and foremost reason for which you should wear Tibetan bracelets is that they bring good luck. Every Tibetan bracelet is blessed by the Buddhist artisans. They recite a mantra while making the bracelets. 

Do you know who forges the Buddhist bracelets? Only an authentic Tibetan monk. The creation process itself is quite extensive. There's also good news for the fashion freaks - The Buddhist bracelets also come in a variety of color. 

Are you a person who cares very much about nature? Then, you should wear the eco-friendly Tibetan bracelets. They are only made from materials that are made sustainably. 

#2. Protection Against Negative Energy

The Tibetan bracelets are created with the repetition of mantras. Hence, these bracelets are excellent at protecting the wearers against negative energy. Once you wear the Buddhist bracelet, you will feel that positive energy is flowing through you. 

As the Tibetan bracelets protect the wearer from the negative energy, they are also known as "Talisman of Protection." If you want your life to be full of positive energy then you should start wearing Buddhist bracelets.

#3. Feel Motivated

Do you often feel a lack of sense of purpose? Are there days when it seems you’ve lost the focus of your life? A Tibetan bracelet acts as the perfect reminder to bring you back on the right path. Every time you see the bracelet on your list, you are reminded of the things that you had set out to achieve. It works as a perfect motivation to drive your life towards a meaningful perusal of goals and objectives. It helps to align your positive energies towards those goals.

However, you should be as clear and precise as possible when setting these goals. Almost in a way where you can visualize the results. If your idea about things you want to achieve is unclear and cluttered, the energies might not align in the correct direction. But, nothing like when you have them etched in your mind. Each time you look at it, you feel a rush of motivation and encouragement.

#4. A Constant Reminder of The Meaning of Life

Tangled in our everyday possession-centric lifestyles, Tibetan bracelets keep reminding us what life is. A Tibetan bracelet is made of endless knots. In philosophical Buddhism, an endless knot is one of the eight auspicious symbols. It tells us that like an endless knot, our worldly existences are continuous cycles of birth, life, and death. It also signifies the perpetual trials and tribulations our minds suffer regularly. This teaching of Buddha, manifesting itself through the knot, helps to live us a substantial life without worrying constantly about our gains and losses.

#5. Brings Good Luck; Energizes The Chakras

Tibetan bracelets bring good luck. If you want to bring luck and prosperity into your life, wear the bracelets on your left wrist. Tibetan Buddhists believe that the left-side of our body is the one that receives. 

Apart from bringing luck to the wearer, Tibetan bracelets also help to put our chakras in order. These bracelets are painted in the five colors of the Buddhist auric field. These colors are blue, yellow, red, white, and orange and were present in Buddha’s aura when he achieved enlightenment. The chakras of our body are aligned with these colors. The presence of these colors around our body makes these energy centers or chakras balanced and synergized.

Tibetan bracelet is not just an accessory. More than anything, it is a signifier of centuries-old Buddhist wisdom. It carries all the positivity of Buddhism’s enlightening philosophy and its rich tradition of the quest for the true meaning of life and living. 

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